Whelp – it’s official, it’s definitely Gestational Diabetes!


Not to worry though, it’s most likely due to my wonky diet since getting pregnant. Full disclosure: I’m hypoglycemic, so I know I’m supposed to be eating properly and on a regular basis. However, several months before the wedding, Jody and I decided to work extra hard in making sure that we were eating especially right because of the amazing honeymoon we were going on with Viking River Cruises along the Rhine. I also increased my exercise because I really wanted to ensure that my cardio was tops so that I could dance the night away with all my friends and family (and yes, I did!).

Once we were off on our honeymoon – which was the Monday after our wedding this past May – we ate, then drank, then ate some more. And once we were full on all the delicious food and beer, we decided to eat and drank again. I have zero regrets on things, and knew I’d gain at least 10 lbs. over the 8 day cruise (and yes, I did). What neither of us could have predicted though was that I’d get pregnant so quickly after the honeymoon ended. Sure, that was the plan, but that soon?! At our age?!

My first trimester was a mess. I was so sick, in a lot of pain, and couldn’t really eat or sleep. I truly was a cliche of a pregnancy. Then we got news of the omphalocele and I was going through the motions of day-to-day living. Eating what I could stomach for energy, but fell into a pretty deep depressive state. I had no energy to eat more than the minimum to sustain myself and my baby, nor could I sleep or muster any energy to do much of anything. Panic attacks were frequent and a a daily part of my life. All the normal behavior for someone in my/our position.

Only in these past 4 wks have I actually had any real appetite. And let me tell you: I want to eat all the food, all the time. Except meat. This baby girl isn’t having any of it. Which can make going out to dinner interesting…


I’m sure that watching all 3 seasons of ‘Hannibal’ while pregnant had some part in that also, but that’s neither here nor there. (Side note: that show is flawless. And addictive! It can be pretty disgusting – not going to lie – but wow, Bryan Fuller is one hell of a screenwriter and producer! End of aside).

So, fast forward to last week when I had my first glucose test at the General hospital – which I failed ever so slightly – and then my second – which I also failed by 0.6. A little annoying, but it’s all good. As long as our gal is taken care of, that’s what counts. So, today I was back there again to meet with the nurse and dietitian – along with 4 other women that were also recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. We learned how to use the glucose readers (pretty easy actually!), when to take the readings as well as how to record the readings for our follow-up visits. The dietitian then went over what sorts of great info with us. Like, what sorts of foods to eat/avoid, when to eat, and the right combination of foods at each meal and snack time. Basically, I’m back to where I was a few months before the wedding – only now instead of tracking just my food and eating regularly, I also need to track my blood glucose.

So, what exactly is Gestational Diabetes? Well, it’s high blood sugar in pregnancy. The hormones produced in my placenta are interfering with my body’s ability to use insulin. Like I said earlier, Gestational Diabetes can be treated with a change in lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to keep my levels as close to ‘normal’ as possible for the rest of the pregnancy. Things will – more than likely – be back to normal once she’s born. After which, I’ll go for a blood test just to make sure that I’m back to where I’m supposed to be. Until then, I’ll just make sure that I’m eating food according to the GD meal plan on a regular basis, and take my readings when I’m supposed to. Additionally, I’ll continue to see the folks at the General on an even more frequent basis … What can I say, I guess I just subconsciously love hanging out there.

Until the next time – please ensure to eat all the carbs and fruits (and ALL the sweets) for me while I have them in limited moderation!


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