As I type this blog update, I’m pretty sure that our girl is doing this in my uterus right now:Boxing


I’m not going to lie – it’s the weirdest and creepiest thing to feel something growing inside you, Something that is a literal Kickpuncher!


Sure, sometimes I yelp out in surprise, but at least I know this kid is both a fighter and keepin’ it real!


I mean, look at her you guys – she’s literally in a boxing position:

Boolie 31wks


Right – so, where are we now?!  Well, we’ve just past the 31 wk mark and things are progressing as they should … given the circumstances. As of yesterday, she was 2lb. 15oz., and from what we can tell she actually HAS hair! Ok, that sounds weird, but you guuyyysssss, she’s so adorable!

We had a new ultrasound technician this go-round, who was just as lovely as all our others, but when she asked us “Would you like to see her in 3D?”, she kind of jumped to our #1 technician! Before we go any further, no we don’t have the 3D photo for you – sorry folks! They do not have the ability to print the image for patients, but trust us: though it’s a little crazy to see in 3D, it made our hearts swell 42 sizes!  The last time we saw her in 3D was our 18 wk mark when we were first sent to The General Hospital for in-depth investigation. We were pretty disassociated with things at the time and so Jody and I didn’t look at the screen too much then as we were expecting the worst at that point. I did look more than him, but it was difficult at the time. This go-round though …. wow! It was pretty cool!

Her omphalocele is now approx 4 cm x 4 cm x 5 cm – slightly bigger than it was a month ago, and still looks like it’s just liver inside. We know that we won’t know the entire story of her O until she’s here, but for now, we are hopeful on things.

I’m also off work now due to the high-risk nature of my pregnancy – resting up as much as possible. She likes it when I lay down and stretch out, which is basically doctor’s orders at this point, so it’s perfect! We watch movies and I read out loud to her.


We’ll update y’all with an FAQ post next – until then, we hope you are all having a fabulous 2016 thus far!


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