Well, here we are friends – the actual homestretch. With 8 months down and less than 4 weeks to go, we are nearly there!  I realize that I’ve not updated lately, but that’s only because there hasn’t really been a lot to update on … which, let’s be honest, is great news!

We’ve still be going to see the MFM clinic on a bi-weekly basis and our girl is (as of this past Tuesday) roughly 4 lb. 12 oz. I say roughly because the omphalocele makes it a little difficult for them to be as precise as they’d like with her weight. We were hoping that she’d be past the 5 lb. mark, but only so that when folk asked “How big is she now?”, the high-five we give would be equal to that of her birth weight. Soon though …. soon.


Our girl also had her second in utero heart echo, which lasted a really long time, but only because of how she’s still positioned. It was difficult for them to fully see her entire aortic arch, but the doctor and team do not believe that there is anything to be concerned about at this time. Her heart is still slightly off axis, but advised again that once she’s out they will have an ultrasound done on her heart to confirm that all is still a-ok.  As long as we hear her first cry and they confirm she’s stable before they take her to CHEO, I’ll be able to recover with a little ease.

She’s still jumping and moving a lot, definitely still a bit of a kickpuncher and punchkicker, which is totally fine with me! I tell her through the day “You kick and punch as much as you like, you just make sure you stay in there! Those lungs need to keep growing!” We’re also nearly done her room (photos to be posted soon!) even though she most likely won’t be in there for sometime, we want to make sure that it’s all ready for when the time comes.


Our next appointment with the MFM clinic is actually in 2 weeks time. Now, I know what you’re thinking “But wait, guys – you should be going EVERY week now!!”, and we thought so too, but our doctor told us that because our Impossible Girl has been monitored so closely over these past several months, and that besides her omphalocele she’s doing great, that he said if we wanted to wait for 2 weeks on our next appointment, we could. Should we have any concerns or issues, we’re to go straight into the triage birthing clinic, but for now, it’s all good!


Until next time….

  • Ange