Around the 24 week mark when we were given the ‘mostly-all-clear’ from our doctors, we started to think about celebrating our baby and pregnancy like any ‘normal’ pregnancy. We went from no longer telling those outside of our immediate family and close friends, to creating this blog and ultimately telling everyone what was happening – the good and the not-so-good … but mostly good! We even discussed having maternity photos to celebrate like any other set of parents, but the biggest issue we faced was that I didn’t really ‘show’ until week 25-ish. Even then, it wasn’t a huge amount – I mostly looked like I just had a food-baby. I really started to show around the 30 week mark:

amy poehler pregnant

Unfortunately this left us in a bit of a bind as we knew we would now run the risk of either not getting our photos booked in time before our baby’s arrival, or she’d decide to come early. Luckily, Emily at Diamondview Photography came to the rescue!

I found Diamondview Photography through an “Ottawa NICU” Google search. We wanted to have a photographer that not only has experience with fragile babies, but with the CHEO NICU should it come down to it. I thought for sure we’d be too late to get an appointment for maternity photos, but Emily was so accommodating. Not only did she reach back out to me right away, but she booked us in for our initial meeting & photo session within 2 weeks of our first contact. She made us feel so at ease throughout the studio shoot and we left the session feeling really good about the entire process. We knew that the photos would look good, but never imagined how amazing they’d be. Here are just a few of the images we had done.

Click on one to see a larger slide-show size of the photos:

© Diamondview Photography

Though pregnancy photos are not for everyone – especially those with a high-risk pregnancy – it was so important for us to capture these moments in time no matter what the outcome.  As I have said before, we’ve been given a positive outlook from doctors, but we know we are far from out of the woods. Not only with our baby girl’s omphalocele, heart and lungs, but with her regular growing up: diapers, sleepless nights, feedings, crawling, walking, talking, teething, daycare, growing pains, school, homework, science projects, tween years, teen years … everything that basically makes up parenthood. At the end of the day, it was so important for us to embrace our pregnancy with open arms so that we don’t look back with regret for missing out on things.

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