Well friends, we’re finally here! The last week before our Impossible Girl makes her grand entrance. Though this has been one crazy high-risk / first-time pregnancy, we’ve tried to find the humour not only in this whole process but where we can. So much so that we recently played a pretty amazing joke on my mom.


A little background before we begin …

First: Jody and I are both sick right now. Luckily, it’s just a nasty cold, and Jody can take medicine to fast track his recovery and I’m at the tail end of it. We’re definitely feeling a LOT better as the worst of it was over the weekend. During that time, I had just finished messaging my mom and sister about how ill we were and how I might not be able to call them over the weekend as I had a terribly sore throat and talking was not good for healing. I also advised that we desperately needed to get better so that we could make sure we could go see our baby Boolie as soon possible once she arrives, because as we’d been advised from the NICU team; if you are sick, you can’t go in.

Second: Jody’s cousin is now in Jamaica with his girlfriend. Jody made a joke to me saying “Let’s see if WE can join them on their vacation from 01-Mar!” and we had a good laugh at how ridiculous that would be. I said, “Wait – we NEED to tell folk this. Ohhhh, I know – MY MOM!”


The below is a word for word transcript of the messages between myself and my mom:

Me: You guys, guess what!?! We booked a trip to Cuba as of 01-Mar!! We got a smokin’ hot deal and we figure we can’t travel now but will be able to once our Boolie is out and since she will be in CHEO it’s perfect timing!! She will be at a hot spa and so will we! We are back on the 9th and should be ok to check on her then! xo
Mom: are you nuts?
Me: No, we are stoked!! CHEO can look after her – it’s win-win!! She will have the best care and we can have a break!
Mom: you can’t travel to Cuba after a c section the day before
Me: Salt water is good for wounds!
Mom: you are crazy both of youStanley Laugh Cry
Me:I love that you think for a second we are serious! We are laughing so hard I’m choking and crying!!!!
Mom: i was ready to go downstairs and tell mike i am going to court to get that baby away from, those two fucking idiots
Me: Totally worth it!!
Mom: screw you – you both have upset me something awful



I called her right away to make sure she wasn’t too terribly upset. We all had a much needed laugh. I seriously nearly barfed from all the laughing and being so sick still. I promised her that I would not to play any April Fool’s jokes on her for the next 5 years. I made that promise, but that’s only because (and let’s be honest) this was probably the best trick to play on her in the history of tricks, and I’m sure our Boolie will do the same to us.


I love you mom – but seriously, if you (or anyone!) are foolish enough to believe for one hot second that we’d leave our new fragile baby without really seeing her, plus that I’d actually be in any condition to fly, well, you need to stay far away from your junk mail because I feel that there might be a few emails from a Nigerian Prince about his wealth and how he’d like to share it with you – some conditions apply!  Oh, and, you don’t have to worry about getting us back – our Boolie will see to that when she’s older … we are certain she’s going to be the best trickster!


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