Our Baby Boolie might not be sleeping in her nursery anytime soon  – because of her immediate NICU time and then sleeping in her bassinet in our room – but her sweet nursery is ready when she is!  We couldn’t decide for a LONG time on what her room would look like, except to say that we didn’t want it ‘pink’.  Luckily, we found inspiration after going to the annual holiday PopUp Gallery and purchasing a beautiful piece of art….


I took these photos with my iPhone, so they aren’t the greatest, but you can get a sense of things.


Full panorama view:


Curtains purchased from The Bay – part of the Steven and Chris Collection




Our shelves and brackets are both from Ikea (EKBY LAIVA self and EKBY HENSVIK bracket). The shelves were painted to match the crib and the brackets were left as is.

The Dutailier glider rocker chair was purchased at Sleepy Hollow Canada. It was definitely more expensive than most glider rockers, but we wanted an investment piece that would eventually move into our living room.

The rug was the second thing we purchased in the grand scheme of things; it was the only one we could agree on and it didn’t look like a typical ‘kids’ rug. We were lucky to have found and purchased it from HomeSense.

Her shelves already have some pieces on them, including a few stuffies already received, a special figure from an extended family member, some special books, a retro Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball, a handmade papier-mâché hot air balloon that a friend and I made for another friends bridal shower last year. It was just too pretty to throw away as we made the balloon from all sorts of old maps. The prettiest piece though is a painting that my dear friend – and illustrator extraordinaire – Claire Manning made for me when I moved away from Toronto nearly a decade ago. She does some beautiful work!




Our 3-in-1 crib was purchased from Costco.ca – not only did they provide free delivery, but the conversion kit was included. Most retailers offer crib systems like this, but ‘extras’ will cost you.

The artwork above her crib was actually the first thing we purchased for the nursery and was the single piece of inspiration for the room. Title: “Good Company” by local Ottawa artist Alison Fowler.




We were lucky enough to have previous home owners have a built-in closet and drawers made. The built-in drawers look to have been created in order to double as a change table, so yay for us! The change pad set was purchased from Costco.ca, and the diaper fixings are set-up ready to go when we need them. A friend gave me a great tip: foam hand sanitizer should be used and ready next to the pad rather than gel sanitizer because the gel can become clogged up in the dispenser and decide to shoot all over the place (read: your baby’s eye!)




Top Left: mixed media art I purchased many years ago from Lucky Jackson at the New Ottawa Art Festival.

Top Right: handmade 3D art I made a few years back; made with a branch, wire and pearls.

Lower Left: Ikea OLUNDA picture

Lower Right: handmade Canada Day art made by my niece a few years back.



I also decided to make her a dream catcher for her window using a few simple items, most of which were purchased from Michael’s Arts & Crafts: the inside of a stitching hoop, wool, beads, waxed string and jewels from what used to be a light fixture – the larger crystals at the bottom were purchased at ReStore.


We are pretty excited for how it all came together these past few weeks – and to think, it all came from inspiration from one single piece of artwork!


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