At the end of our 12wk ultrasound, we were given some difficult and confusing news about our baby girl. We were told that she has what’s known medically as an Omphalocele.

Omphalo-what-now?! Exactly!

Please don’t Google this – you will only see extreme cases of the medical condition. In short, our little girls abdominal wall never closed completely and now part of her liver sits outside the body in a thin membrane sac.

We decided to start this blog not only to keep track of this crazy adventure called parenthood, but to update all those we know on the situation. Additionally, we hope that if there is anyone out there that stumbles across our blog – as we did with https://babyandtheomph.wordpress.com/ – that we can give a little clarity in a very confusing time.

Much love – Ange & Jody



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